Senior Thesis and Archive


Self Portrait, Spring 2012. RobinAnnWren
Hey look it's me!
Images here are older than a year, including work from when I was a student and self generated projects.

Senior Thesis / Ava and Efron's book
character design for children's book. RobinAnnWren 2011character art for Efron. RobinAnnWren.2011Concept art for Ava and Efron's home.RobinAnnWren.2011

a page from Ava and Efron's story. RobinAnnWren.2012a page from the children's book. RobinAnnWren.2012

part of a double page spread, Look at All Those Birds!. RobinAnnWren.2012part 2 of a double page spread, Look At All Those Birds!. RobinAnnWren.2012

An abstract leaf -ish pattern green and orange.RobinAnnWren.2013 Yellow flowers of different types.RobinAnnWren.2013
two faced floating head with great hair. RobinAnnWren.2013
Animal skulls and flowers. RobinAnnWren.2013

a bunch of cute little birds, perching. RobinAnnWren.2012


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